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The ideal of beauty? A burly, tall man and a young woman with firm breasts

Beauty and its ideal are of irreplaceable importance from the point of view of evolution. Attractiveness influences our choice of sexual partners. However, the perception of beauty is very individual, influenced by current trends and customs. What kind of men women want today and what kind of woman is desirable, the weekly Téma researched.

“Most animal species make their first contact with their counterparts visually. That is why attractiveness is an important criterion when choosing a partner, “describes sexologist and psychologist Escort Charlottetown.

“For example, a female peacock chooses a male that has a beautifully colored, long and shiny tail, as this signals to her that a particular male is healthy and does not suffer from parasites. These subconscious signals are a prerequisite for a better chance of survival for their offspring. So the long and beautiful peacock feathers basically evolved so that the male liked the female more, even though the male is easier prey for predators in everyday life due to its tail,” he says.

The deer like more deer with bigger antlers, which signals, among other things, the owner’s strength. The lions like lions with a more conspicuous and denser mane, there are many examples of these in the animal kingdom. Visual contact provides the female with important information about health, strength and ability to pass on quality genetic equipment to her offspring, which will enable them to survive.

From the point of view of sexual selection, there is more weight on the part of females, males fight for their favor and females are the ones who subsequently choose from a plethora of performing individuals.

For this reason, most males are more conspicuous than females of the species. But this does not mean that males are not subject to preference for certain traits. In the case of lions, for example, females of a darker color prefer.

Similar principles for choosing a partner apply to people. Even with them, the signs of beauty are crucial, especially during the courtship period. And even in this sense, the beauty we perceive has greatly influenced and still is influenced by evolution.

“When choosing, there is a preference for individuals bearing the traits of quality genes. These features appear to be desirable. The sexual selection conducted in this way shapes the species and allows it to adapt to the environment, thus ensuring its survival. Beauty, as we perceive it, is part of evolution and, conversely, evolution shapes our view of beauty,” comments the psychologist.

Beauty led from the beginning

The beginning of the development of the human species goes very deep into the past, already at the time when the ancestors of our genus swept from the ground into the treetops, where they sought food and safety, the figure of future homo sapiens sapiens began to slowly form.

And already in this period, and subsequently during the whole hominization process, it is possible to trace the bodily features that we subconsciously prefer in the opposite sex to this day and consider them as symbols of beauty.

For humans, the erection of a figure is a typical feature of evolution. This affects our choice of partner on many levels.

The position on the hind limbs is related to the flattening of the chest and changes in the upper limb so that the shoulders have a greater range of rotation and allow better movement and the arms and forearms are strong enough to handle physical exertion. It is no coincidence that even today’s women are looking for men whose upper body resembles the letter Y, ie men with a conspicuous chest and strong upper limbs.

Our height is also related to erection. Therefore, women like tall men who protect and secure the woman and their common offspring.

“When choosing a partner, the signs of high testosterone levels are decisive for a woman, which are not only noticeable on the figure, these are the already mentioned broad shoulders, but also a small, well-built buttocks, but also in sharply cut facial features and a thick beard or blue shadow. beard after shaving,” adds the sexologist.

Uprightness and standing on the hind legs revealed breasts in women and penises in men. With visibility, these traits have become easily and quickly assessable for members of the opposite sex. Which, of course, is related to choosing a partner for reproduction.

“Men prefer women with firm breasts, who are a sign of youth and a signal that a woman has not yet given birth. Thus, when determining the attractiveness of a woman’s bust, breast tone is more important than their size, usually even in men, who mostly prefer larger breasts. Men also evaluate the ratio of waist and hips, which is indicated by age together with the reproductive ability of a woman, “describes the expert.

Men also look for symbols of youth in the faces of their potential sexual partners. “Men like a symmetrical face, which subconsciously informs them about the lower probability of genetic defects of possible children and about the overall health of a woman. We lose the symmetry of the face in many health problems and illnesses. A regular face also provides information about age, which is important. Men also prefer healthy skin without wrinkles and blemishes, larger, far-set eyes, a smaller nose and full lips,” says Escort Halifax.

What will be next?

Evolution is a process that cannot be stopped. It keeps running. However, based on the analysis of the development that people have undergone, it is possible to judge what people will look like in the future.

“Some biologists say that in a hundred thousand years, men will be taller, have bigger eyes, a deeper voice, and bigger penises. Women will have bigger eyes, more challenging breasts and no hair, “says Laura Janáčková.

Other signs include muscle weakness due to a sedentary lifestyle and loss of natural physical activity and an increase in the forehead associated with brain development.

Experts do not rule out that humanity will lose its little toe, which evolution will evaluate as unnecessary.