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Dating like a scarecrow. Why do women scare him and men don't rush into him?

In particular, more shy individuals or people who have a problem with self-confidence experience hours of meeting a similar agony as before an important exam or job interview. Although dating, especially the first, is a scarecrow in general, women and men are a little different about it.

The fear of being impossible or being cruelly rejected is often stronger than the desire to get together with someone who could potentially be an ideal partner in life. Nevertheless, a personal meeting is a crucial moment that will decide how our love life will develop in the coming days, months and years. What does it bother the most in women and what in men?

She’s afraid a bully or a boring patron will come

Making an appointment online is easy, just a few clicks and you’re ready to go. Also, a blind date arranged by willing friends who can no longer watch yourself alone may not be a waste. But what if a guy comes up who you wouldn’t even lean your bike on? See more on this topic at Escort Cape Town.

Take it lightly and get the wedding bells out of your head. You just go for coffee with someone who might be worth it. It’s no big deal. If it turns out to be a snout, a riot, an inflatable, a boring patron or a cut, then you will say goodbye and go your separate ways.

She’s afraid she won’t look good

Even after you’ve tried all the clothes out of the closet and paid tons of dyes to your dissatisfied face, that’s still not it and you don’t feel in your skin. You say, “For God’s sake, I can’t go there like this, it will run away immediately!” But it won’t be so hot.

What men really want from women. And it’s not tits or porn Count to ten, then put on something that you like, even if it’s not new or trendy, minimize makeup as much as possible, and don’t worry about your own image in the mirror. It’s good to know that men are interested in quite different things than you think.

It is quite likely that if someone asks him after the meeting what you were wearing and what color your hair is, he will be embarrassed. The main thing is to feel comfortable and in your skin, only then will you be relaxed, enjoy the meeting and make an impression.

She’s afraid to be herself

If you are a thoughtful, sensitive girl who likes theater, nature trips and nice books, don’t try to style a vamp woman or a mischievous diblik. Maybe you could impress a man with that, but the question is whether it would be the right one for you.

In addition, exaggerated flirting, cute chirping and all sorts of dramatic scenes are likely to discourage or frighten your counterpart, and neither of you cares.

It’s not even worth making a great sportswoman (if you’re a type of coffee loaf), an intellectual (if you read a maximum of a TV show) or a mineral expert, just to please you. Just be yourself - maybe that’s what your counterpart is looking for.

She’s afraid she’ll look like a light maiden

Academic debates about whether a kiss, cuddling, or even sex is ok on a first date are going on, but the reality depends on many circumstances. It is generally believed that on a first date, a woman should not require or admit any great intimacy, but it is an exaggeration to dust her head when that happens.

At such a moment, it is more important to think of conscientious protection, whether from unintentional conception or from sexually transmitted diseases, rather than remorse.