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Spontaneity, surprise and your pleasure. What men really want in sex

Do you feel that your sex life deserves a little revival? Then look at him through the eyes of men. You may be surprised at what is most hot and how best to do them well. According to London Canada Escort, it pays to be proactive, spontaneous and not to think about the imperfections of your body.

As time goes on, desire slowly fades and sex becomes routine. Each of the partners has different erotic needs, wishes and dreams and not all of them come true. But a happy intimate life is absolutely necessary for partner harmony, as well as mutual respect and love, a good job, financial security or contacts with friends. See more on this topic at Escort Oshawa.

Sex in a relationship is one of the forms of communication. It is not just about satisfying biological needs, but also about how to live with the other, making it clear that you care about each other. Tuning to the same note can only work because women and men are differently equipped by nature.

To put it very simply, women release one egg once a month, while men produce sperm daily. Figuratively speaking, women in the sexual field resemble marathon runners, while gentlemen sprints.

So he wants to cut it off somewhere and add it elsewhere so that both parties are satisfied. Good partner sex is like good accounting, he has to give - he should be in a certain balance.

If you just marry, you will not become the desired mistress. And since we each have different ideas, you should know or at least guess what is going on in your men’s heads. Although it is tricky to throw them in one bag, many have in common. See more at Escort Quebec City.

Making love through the eyes

Male sexuality, unlike female, is stimulated by sight. Most guys want to see their partner “doing that.” Just admit how gentlemen like to browse erotic magazines or watch porn movies.

But you are (like most women) aware of the imperfections of your body, you do not feel attractive. You know where you are “decorated” by any tip, how sagging your breasts are, cellulite on your hips. And that’s why you always go out quickly and hide under a blanket?

However, it is enough to know that the guy in this situation does not solve your physical imperfections and your few kilos of overweight is bullshit. Then it shouldn’t be a problem to leave it on.

The visual stimulation, which takes up almost one hundred percent in men, is also supported by a large mirror in which he can observe you. And also the often underestimated sexy lingerie. What do you at least occasionally take garters and lace points with lightning-fast opening and to do shoes on needles?

To herself

One of the top male experiences is when your partner can watch you - during autoerotics. Try to perceive masturbation as a game, as one of the ways to induce pleasant feelings and at the same time please your half. Sometimes it’s even useful because the man has a live broadcast of what is doing you well and still in detail.

He will also often be pleased to see you in action with a vibrator, which experts say is the most effective way to stimulate the clitoris and induce orgasm. According to research, when women regularly use sex toys, they consider them a pleasant diversion, their appetite for men does not decrease in any way, on the contrary.

At full blast?

Sometimes education is to blame, other times false prejudices. Just some of us are used to making love quietly. But the guys are satisfied with the exact opposite, just because you show out with loud speeches that their actions are pleasant for you.

So the occasional shouts and delightful moans, if not a crap of peppery words will please the other side one hundred percent. Just find a suitable measure.